Floor Care Woodbridge, VA - Safety tips for best janitorial cleaning

It's the employers’ obligation to ensure the wellbeing of the personnel. It is vital to conduct janitorial safety education classes for all the personnel. The first need of an employee whenever he applies for this job is the proper training which will provide him understanding with regards to his own safety as well as the safety of his co-workers and other individuals.

In Excelsior Services Inc, Woodbridge, VA we make certain that our personnel receive the best training courses to ensure that they become safe and unwanted injuries and hazards can be avoided. As part of our efforts to safeguard all of them, we are observing all the following

Listed below are some suggestions to be followed in order to avoid any hazardous situation:

• Housekeeping locations could differ, if the janitor understands a company providing maintenance services to several institutions. In such a case, janitorial staff really need to drive through their way to provide their expert services. A worker should know how to follow safe and secure driving guidelines to ensure their health and safety and avoid car accidents.

• Among the list of common jobs of a janitorial staff is moving large equipment. In order to avoid being seriously injured and have muscle strains, correct lifting procedures should be used.

• Short rests between work will help in relieving stress as a result of constant working.

• Workers should support each other when moving heavy equipment, and avoid carrying the load all alone as it may perhaps harmfully affect the entire body and lead to injuries.

• Employees must have separate shoes for work that have rubberized soles for proper grip on the floor.

• Falling and slipping could very well be avoided by simply putting a warning sign on the wet flooring as well as ensuring no one walks on it.

• House cleaning carts help in moving load and cleaning accessories from one place to another.

• Machines such as vacuums and floor machines must be used only when a few people are around. The wires and electrical fittings of these equipment must be checked daily before use, to avoid electric shocks and other potential risks due to electricity.

• Employees must use hand gloves and safety glasses for the protection of their own hands and eyes. They should also wash their hands and fingers properly before eating; germs and dangerous chemical substances can be avoided to enter their body through foodstuff.

• Strong chemical substances are used for cleaning. It is necessary to go through the instruction leaflet first before using such chemical substances.

• Garbage bags might contain anything from blood stained needles to razor-sharp glass pieces. These could harm the employee when not disposed properly. Therefore, it is advised to grasp garbage bags using hand gloves and also away from the body.


The probability of having accidents is one of the highest among janitorial workers. They work hard to maintain cleanliness all around. Each individual must be grateful to janitors and one way to give thanks to them would be to assure their safety.