Bathroom Cleaning Tips in Woodbridge, VA


Here are are a few tips to make your bathrooms shine:

• Shower Tile:Remove soap and hard water buildup on shower tile with tile cleaner. Then apply a good paste wax and buff with a dry cloth to deter future water spots.


• Mildew:To remove mildew from the corners of the tub, dip cotton balls in bleach and let them sit, when you finish cleaning the bath, remove cotton and rinse well. The mildew will be gone.


• Clean Plastic or Vinyl Shower Curtains:Remove shower curtains from hooks. Rinse with hose while curtain is placed on flat surface. Scrub with sponge and solution. Rinse. Repeat on other side. Air dry


• Clean Shower Door Tracks:Using an old toothbrush, loosen up any dirt and hair. Vacuum with attachment. Using a liquid spray cleaner. Scrub with tile brush and toothbrush. Rinse tracks by pouring water onto them or with a shower wand. Wipe away any remaining dirt with cloths.


• Shower walls:Spray walls with phosphoric acid cleaner to remove the mineral deposits and wipe with a sponge.Apply the citrus slove (or any degreaser) with a hand sprayer to remove the soap scrum and wipe off with a sponge.


• Clean shower doors:Spray shower doors with white vinegar scrub from top down.Repeat as needed


• Clean a Toilet:Open bathroom windows and door, or turn on the fan. Put on rubber gloves and lift the toilet seat. Flush the toilet to wet sides of bowl. Apply a generous amount of powder or liquid toilet cleaner to the bowl, focusing on getting it along the sides and not just the water. Let cleaner stand for a minute. With your toilet brush, swab around interior of bowl, focusing area beneath rim and the water line. If ring is developed, scrub stain with wet pumice stone. Spray seat and underside of seat with disinfectant. Allow disinfectant to dry before using toilet.


• Bathtub:Put on rubber gloves and spray all-purpose cleaner on wall above tub. Allow cleaner to sit for few minutes, then rinse or wipe it off. With grout brush apply tile cleaner to grout and scrub thoroughly. Rinse well and apply cleaner to tub. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and scrub with scrub brush using gently pressure. Rinse well. Scrub away remaining soap scum with scrub brush or old toothbrush. Rinse again. Apply non abrasive bathroom or bathtub cleaner if tub is acrylic.Gently scrub with soft bristled brush. Rinse tub well. Apply specialized fiberglass cleaner to tub. Scrub gently with sponge.


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